ARKS Testing

If you are thinking of racing Karts with an MSA licence and indeed on MSA circuits, you will need to have passed an ARKS test. We at Forest Edge Kart Club carry out ARKS tests on the Saturday prior to a race meeting with our two club ARKS testers. You can apply to and take your ARKS test with Forest Edge Kart Club by telephoning:

Peter Bryceson – 01256 893663 or Peter Thomas – 07808 797837

It is sometimes possible to book at the track on Practice day if space is available, however we recommend that people telephone and make an appointment.

To find out more information on the Arks test please visit

FEKC Special Offer

At Forest Edge we realise that the cost of getting started in Karting can be expensive, as such we have made as few cost savings for you the driver. First if you take your ARKS test at Forest Edge you will get a free practice day on the day of your test. Second you will get a half price club membership for a whole season.

So come and join us at Forest Edge! We look forward to meeting you!

Start Karting

We list here some guidance on how to get in to Kart racing & obtaining your M S A Licence, if you already own a kart you will be familiar with the different types of Kart & Classes, but if you don’t come along to a test or race day & meet with people who are already in the sport & who will be willing to explain how classes differ along with age restrictions.

The club operates a Lets Go Karting initiative backed by the M S A & has Cadet & Junior class Karts that can be Pre-booked for practice sessions these need to be booked through the clubs Competition secretary.

The ARKS Test

To compete in MSA racing you need a licence & to obtain this you need to do an ARKS test examination this involves a test paper of 20 multi choice questions & a driving assessment. You need a Start Karting pack, which can be obtained through Lodgemark press or through a certain Kart traders at present it is £75.00 you need this as it contains a DVD you must watch & a licence application form.

The cost of the full test at present is £95.00 this includes cost of the first licence and a PG licence if required, but should you fail either part they can be retaken separately at a cost of £44.00 for the written part & £57.00 for the driving assessment. Once you have passed you will need send of to the MSA for a Novice licence that costs is as per the current MSA pricie list any one under 16years it is FOC If you are under 18 you can race the following day. Over 18 you need a medical before you can race.

You will require 2 passport size photos for some of your application form & upgrade card.

Some other costs & points of interest you will require to be a member of at least 1 affiliated Kart club. Forest Edge Kart Club will give you Half price membership if you have taken the test through them & they also give you a Free practice day on the day of your test.

The Arks examiners work closely with there associated clubs but the payment of & administration is a totally independent organisation.

Remember don’t be afraid to ask! someone will have the answer & Karting is renowned for being friendly & helpful if you have any questions or wish to book in call either the examiners direct or the Competition secretary.

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