How do I enter a race meeting?

A. You can enter online HERE or download a race entry form HERE.

I’ve entered into the next race meeting but cannot attend, what can I do?

A. Entries will ONLY be carried forward if the Competition Secretary is informed 72 hrs in advance of the meeting.

I’ve missed the cut off for the race entry, can I still enter?

A. Online entries at www.fekc.co.uk close midnight on Tuesday prior to the meeting. Any entries received after this will be charged an additional £15.00 fee.

Can I just practice on the Saturday if not entering the race meeting?

A. Yes we welcome people who only wish to practice.

My MSA licence has not turned up, can I still race?

A. Please phone the MSA licence department on 01753 765050 as they may be able to help.

Do you do ARKS testing?

A. Yes please look see our getting started section HERE

What age can you start karting at FEKC?

A. FEKC allow children from the age of 6 to practice on Saturdays.

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