<strong>Rob Dodds</strong>
Rob Dodds
<b>John Parsons</b>
John Parsons
Vice Chairman
<b>Carole Parsons</b>
Carole Parsons
Competition Secretary & Timekeeper
<strong>Peter Bryceson</strong>
Peter Bryceson
Treasurer & ARKS Examiner
<b>Joy Bryceson</b>
Joy Bryceson
Club Secretary
<strong>Sam Bowyer</strong>
Sam Bowyer
<b>Lorraine Duffett</b>
Lorraine Duffett
Chief Marshall & Marshall Organiser
<b>Jamie Smart</b>
Jamie Smart
Committee & Track organisation
<strong>Cara Freestone</strong>
Cara Freestone
Child Safe Guarding officer
<strong>Lee Trueman</strong>
Lee Trueman
Committee & Website Maintenance
<b>Mark Trayhorn</b>
Mark Trayhorn
<strong>Gary Arlott</strong>
Gary Arlott
<b>Ian Blamire</b>
Ian Blamire
<b>Paul Newman</b>
Paul Newman
<strong>Chris Sawyer</strong>
Chris Sawyer
<b>Gary Cox</b>
Gary Cox
<strong>The Marshalls</strong>
The Marshalls
The key part of the team


  • Rd 1 Rescheduled
    30 Apr 2018 | 0 Comment
    Round 1 had to be postponed due to the heavy snow the UK received in March. The committee…
  • Bus stop resurfaced
    30 Apr 2018 | 0 Comment
    The club has taken on board the competitors comments that the bus stop is far to slippy in…
  • New toilet block
    27 Apr 2018 | 0 Comment
    The design has been finalised and the order placed for the new Toilet unit, which includes showers and…
  • NEW Facebook page
    15 Aug 2017 | 0 Comment
    Why not join us at our new Official Facebook page! Keep up to date on all the latest…
  • Tyre Sniffer
    09 Jun 2016 | 0 Comment
    FEKC have purchased a Tyre sniffer to help ensure a level playing field for our members. This will…
  • Minimum age is…
    09 Jun 2016 | 0 Comment
    FEKC may ask to see proof of age, minimum age allowed to drive on the track at FEKC…