<strong>Rob Dodds</strong>
Rob Dodds
<strong>Ian Blamire</strong>
Ian Blamire
Vice Chairman
<strong>Carole Parsons</strong>
Carole Parsons
Competition Secretary & Timekeeper
<strong>Peter Bryceson</strong>
Peter Bryceson
ARKS Examiner
<strong>Peter Thomas</strong>
Peter Thomas
ARKS Examiner
<strong>Sam Bowyer</strong>
Sam Bowyer
<strong>Peter Bryceson</strong>
Peter Bryceson
<b>Lorraine Duffett</b>
Lorraine Duffett
Chief Marshall
<b>Lorraine Duffett</b>
Lorraine Duffett
Marshall Organiser
<strong>Jamie Smart</strong>
Jamie Smart
Track Marshall
<strong>Lee Trueman</strong>
Lee Trueman
Website Maintenance
<strong>The Marshalls</strong>
The Marshalls


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    15 Aug 2017 | 0 Comment
    Why not join us at our new Official Facebook page! Keep up to date on all the latest…
  • Tyre Sniffer
    09 Jun 2016 | 0 Comment
    FEKC have purchased a Tyre sniffer to help ensure a level playing field for our members. This will…
  • Minimum age is…
    09 Jun 2016 | 0 Comment
    FEKC may ask to see proof of age, minimum age allowed to drive on the track at FEKC…
  • Welcome to FEKC
    14 Mar 2014 | 0 Comment
    Welcome to Forest Edge Kart Club. The home of Karting in Hampshire. Please check out our brand new…
  • FEKC racing timing
    18 Jan 2014 | 0 Comment
    Due to ongoing problems with our current timing system,  Forest Edge have decided to trial run a new…
  • Metal Sprocket Protectors…
    04 Jan 2014 | 0 Comment
    Metal Sprocket protectors are to be banned at FEKC We have noticed some damage to the track during…