Metal Sprocket Protectors Banned

Metal Sprocket Protectors Banned
Metal Sprocket Protectors Banned
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Metal Sprocket protectors are to be banned at FEKC

We have noticed some damage to the track during recent track inspections which we believe to be caused by either sprocket protectors or worn break disc protectors.  To help protect the track,  the club will no longer be passing any karts during scrutineering that have metal sprocket protectors fitted or worn break disk protectors.  To clarify the break disc protectors,  there is plastic fitting to the break disc protector and if it is deemed to be worn beyond an acceptable level our scrutineering team will ask you to replace this part of the disc protector.

Plastic sprocket protectors should be used at the track.

We intend to introduce these changes in the September 2011 meeting so please ensure your kart is checked and is ready for scrutineering.

We hope you understand our reasons for introducing these measures and you work with us to help us protect our track.


Best regards

Forest Edge Kart Club Committee